The Afro Gypsy at Dope Creatives Market

Renei Sims, The Afro Gypsy

I did not always believe in myself and I still struggle sometimes. In building the AfroGypsy Brand I've come across so many women that are inspired by me and the inspire ME. The longer I built this company, the more I understood what was needed. As women we spend so much of our time taking care of others that we forget to care for ourselves.

I enjoy the happiness and excitement I see. The depth of the conversations had and the energy transference between the customers and myself. In that moment, we are free. That radiant energy, freedom of speech, and boldness. That is why I continue to make the items and accessories I make; to remind you of the fire in you that makes you an individual...not one of the crowd. I just hope, when you choose to use my items, you can feel the excitement, love and energy too.


Featured In: Bossbabes ATX & OE Podcast