Using your power for YOU

"The most common way people give up their power is by believing they don't have any." - Alice Walker


So,  I have a question....

Do you ever get wrapped up in the "thing"? You know the "thing".

It takes all your energy, your thoughts, your emotions.

You want to fix it yet, you're not sure how. So, you ponder; worry.

You try to ignore it yet it still takes all your attention.

From there it grows, negatively. All encompassing. Enveloping. It seems to have control over you; a life of it's own. You need it to stop and go away but, you can't "see". You cannot see a way out, vertically or laterally. So, you sit. Wait for the block to move on its own. IT WILL NOT LEAVE.

This thing you've given your time to.. your life to, it now has a 'life' of its own. Like a snowball that rolls down hill picking up snow along the way.. it gets larger and larger until it becomes so large that its dangerous.

Dangerous to you and all that you are.

To move from negative to positive we have to well, move.

Move our bodies, move our mind.

Change our thoughts.

Even one small move in a different way can catalyze a large awakening in us. That small difference starts us on the path to using our power.

You see, there is power in change. It seems so trivial, this small thing we do but, its not. It's the beginning.

My beginning may not look like your beginning but, it is my beginning. The beginning of anything amazing I want in my life comes from understanding that my change starts with me being willing to change my mindset to what's best for me.

That right there folks, that first step; that's YOUR FIRST STEP towards using your power.

And we forget, we always have the power to do it.

Step away. Take inventory of you.

To step away, takes power.

To let go, takes power.

To try, takes power.

To BE, takes power.

Claim your power. It's time.


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