The AFROtude

Hello And Welcome! 

In case you missed it, 2021 is here!  

I know it feels like a continuation of 2020 but truly, January 2021 has come and gone like lightening and I am still behind from 2015...or one of those years.  

I'm going to start by taking the time to say Thank You.   A great big juicy THANK YOU to all of you.  The beautiful souls that have chosen to do business with me. 

With this being my inaugural blog post it should naturally start with my Who, When, What, Where, and Why.   So, grab your drink and let's get started. 

Who am I: 

My name is Renei. 
I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls.
I am the Owner/Principal Designer of The Afro Gypsy
I am a lover of myself
A nurturer of souls and speaker of positivity and truth (as far as I see it!)
I do this while striving to extend grace to myself and others in all areas of my life. 
In 2015 I found myself unemployed, depressed, single and living alone with my kids.  Luckily, my youngest daughter no longer needed ICU visits for her asthma but, the fear was still there..  My money covered all our bills with no extras;  no flat tires, no trips, nothing .  But I still needed to make more money. 
I was online all day. I kept looking at Pinterest and I called my friend and exclaimed..."I can do this!"  She said.. "Go, do it!"   And I did.
My business was started from monetary need and has now grown into a brand for Power and Change.   My daughters have been watching me build this business the whole time.  They've seen the ups and downs.  They've helped and harassed :-). But, through it all, I do it so they know they can do it too. 
In 2016, I created the The AFRO GYPSY. 
My goal is to make The Afro Gypsy body and lifestyle brand that is rooted in individuality, social justice, mental and body positivity.  I want to create change. 
At The AG, I do leatherwork, metalsmithing, and textile manipulation.
My items include jewelry, tote bags, purses, shoes/slippers, and household items like pillows, frames, wall holders, etc.  I use upcycled and new leather, wood, metal, and textiles all to create many one-of-a-kind pieces. 
I draw inspiration from everything around me; nature, people, architecture, the world. Everything.  I take this inspiration and I guide this vision through me.  I manipulate the pieces until it is realized.   Metals, driftwood, gemstones, upcycled fabrics - precious and semi-precious. Once it is completed, it's just a waiting game until it's owner comes to my table. That's you. 
My game plan is about making you the "WOW" that walks into the room.  Remind you that, with or without a group around you, you can choose to be the strong, amazing, individual that you are. I want this sense of "wild personal freedom" to flow from your mind to your body then to your home; a place where you can learn to be authentically you. 
Compete with no one but yourself. 
The best you YOU can be is:
A Better you for YOU. 
When YOU Love you for YOU
Remember...if you're going to be.....
BE - Bohemian with an AFRO-tude